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GFOn the heels of the very sad news of James Brown´s passing in December 2006, Keytoon Animation Studio presented its short “The Grandfather of Soul.” The short celebrates the soul and energy of the unforgettable James Brown hit “I Got You” with a comical music video of an old man getting his groove on in the privacy of his own home , or so we think.

I was animation supervisor on the short, and I animated pretty much 90% of the whole thing. We were a really small team , the whole thing started in the mind of Jaime Maestro. He shot video reference of himself with the choreography and the camera angles that he envisioned, and he then edited it and pitched the idea to us. We all thought it was hilarious and production started right away. The short was intended to promote the studio and show off the render quality that it could deliver using the Maxwell render engine.

I added the little ending part with the old lady , being his mother, that comes in and gets really mad that his son broke her old record player.














Here is a sketch pass that I did for that particular shot.



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