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Here's the other progression reel I wanted to share. In this case its a much more subtle shot, with acting and dialogue. I used video reference and tried to perform the dialogue as if I was the character of Grand Pabby, the old wise Troll. Unfortunately my acting skills have much to be desired and could only use some snippets of video for reference. The rest of the acting came out of kind of acting things out in front of a mirror while animating, and going from there. Also , director and supervisor notes helped me a lot in the acting decisions.

I hope you like it!


Here's the people that I would like to credit for this shot:

  • Voice of Grand Pabby: Ciaran Hinds
  • Story Boards: Nicole Mitchell
  • Animation supervisor : Lino Disalvo
  • Directors: Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee
  • Anim Tech Check: Jorge Garcia
  • Crowds animation: Tuan Nguyen and Yasser Hamed
  • Tech Anim: Keith Wilson
  • Lighting: Ken Brain
  • Music Score: Christophe Beck